Apr 21 2012

Pin the Beak on the Ducky

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Pin The Beak on the Duckie!

Everyone remembers the party game where you blindfold someone and hand them a paper donkey tail and watch them try to pin it to the correct spot on a donkey. Everyone gets a good laugh and wants their turn placing the tail.

It’s just as much fun when you put the donkey asside (ahem) and use a rubber duckie instead!

Pin The Beak on the Duckie is played with the same rules and methods as people have used for years with the donkey version.

You can play online if you CLICK HERE.

For those playing offline, you must first download and print our two page game papers. There are both color and monochrome (black ink only) versions available. The only difference is the color– for those saving the color ink, it is handy to have the monochrome version! You can either just click the links below and when the Adobe Acrobat plugin to your web browser opens up, tell it to print the two pages (make sure to tell your printer to print in LANDSCAPE mode). You can save the game pages to your hard drive by “right clicking” on them and selecting “save target as” from the menu. The files are rather large, so they will take a little time to download.

pin the beak on the rubber ducky imageOnce printed, have a volunteer from your duck party carefully cut out the beaks from the beak page. The better they are cut, the nicer it looks for the lucky soul who gets it to the right spot on the duck.

If you happen to have some removable cellophane tape, it is much safer to apply that to the back of the beaks than the alternatives. If no removable tape is available, regular tape will do, or use the old fashioned thumb tacks (only if you put the beakless duck page on a suitable corkboard).

Hang the beakless duck page on the wall in a safe and convenient spot– and the game can then begin.

Please note!… Superstition has it that once the player is blindfolded, he should be spun around COUNTERCLOCKWISE exactly three and one half turns. I was told that by doing this, the duckie smiles on the player and he has a greater chance of laughing. We don’t want to get the duckie mad– now do we.

Downloading the game pages.

CLICK HERE for the monochrome (black ink only) version.

CLICK HERE for the color version.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/7lbfpml