Apr 19 2012

Ducky Maker app

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ducky maker rubber ducky game appThe Ducky Maker app is pretty much like the name implies. Of course, in an -on screen- virtual manner.

CLICK HERE to view Ducky Maker in iTunes.


Ducky Maker supplies you with a wide assortment of ducky parts and pieces which you can drag onto the screen and place as desired.

Ducky Maker will run on iPads running IOS versions 5.0 and newer and it supports both portrait and landscape mode (vertical or horizontal device orientation).

Included in the Free Ducky Maker app is a large selection of ducky parts, base ducky images, and an assortment of colorful backgrounds.  Ducky Maker is free, but if you would like additional ducky components/pieces, more are available via in-app-purchase. There is a button on the settings page for the purchase if desired.

In addition to the provided backgrounds, you can select existing images from the iPad camera-roll, or take a photo yourself for use in Ducky Maker

The toolbar across the top has most of the underlying image tools located along the upper left, with the tools to overlay ducky parts shown on the upper right.


The Ducky completion and saving page provides a tool to allow you to overlay a nice frame to border the outside edges of your ducky image if you would like. You can zoom, pan, and rotate your image behind the frame as you desire.

On the upper right of this page is a selection of ways to save your ducky creation. Twitter and Facebook are available, as is email.

You can also save the image to the apps ducky gallery or the devices camera roll.

If you have access to an Air-Print-Printer, you can print a copy of your ducky.

The Ducky Gallery page allows you to view all the duckies you have created.

The ducks are arranged with the most recently created ducks shown first. Simply swipe the thumbnails and then tap the ducky you wish to view in full size.

You can send along ducky images from the gallery to your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email if you desire. Printing is also available.

Don’t forget to organize your gallery and delete ducky images that are no longer needed.

Ducky images in the gallery are automatically backed up to ‘the cloud’ when you iPad is backed up. The images are also available in iTunes on the app synch page for your iPad should you wish to copy them from there.

The procedure to create a custom ducky starts with adding ducky parts to the online images.

Tap the tool with the type of ducky part you wish and scroll through the available duck parts. Tap the part you wish to use.

Once tapped, the ducky part will apear below the image. Drag the ducky part to whare you want it on the image and release your finger.

If you want to adjust the size or rotation, double tap the ducky part and then use two fingers to make your adjustment. When done, tap the part once to return to normal ducky mode.

On the ducky finishing and sharing page you can select a frame to overlay the outer borders of your ducky image.

Once you select the frame you wish to use, you can adjust the location, scale, and rotation of the ducky image by using one or two fingers.

The Ducky Maker settings page allows you to enable or disable the social media functionality, disable the use of images from the built in iPad ‘camera roll’, and to enable or disable the emailing of ducks.

By default, Ducky Maker has disabled both Facebook and Twitter. These also require you to have pre-existing accounts with those services.

You can also enable or disable the sounds that the app emits during use.

You can also set a password that is required in order to make changes on the settings page. (see below for forgotten passwords).

Ducky Maker also provides a way to enable the automatic duckification of human images that you may bring into Ducky Maker.

You can select from any of the available left or right eyes or bills for use in turning people into ducks.

Additionally, if you wish, you can let Ducky Maker decide what ducky parts to use in the duckification.

Multiple human faces are detectable for automatic duckification, though they must be upright and with both eyes and mouth visible.

If you have forgotten the Ducky Maker settings password you set, you can retrieve that from the iPad ‘Settings’ app by viewing the ‘Ducky Maker’ app page.

You can also change the saved password from this location too.

While providing such an easily accessible password retrieval is not very secure, the intent of the settings password was to provide some parental limitations on social media postings by smaller children who may not understand the implications of hitting certain buttons in the app– The expectation is that by the time such children reach the age where they will discover this password retrieval method, they will not need such restriction.

CLICK HERE to view the Ducky Maker game in iTunes.


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